In Training

Potty training photo
Potty training. | Photo: Taylor Monaco

This little one is potty training. There are so many accidents. So so many. But when he messes up, he is forgiven. Undies are thrown in the wash, and we start anew. The past is quickly forgotten because we are in training.

Jesus reminded me today as I beat myself up over sin that I just. can’t. shake. that this 2 year old and I aren’t much different. Jesus forgives and remembers my sin no more (Jeremiah 31:34). I hate knowing I may sin this way again, but the truth is I am in training, and I am learning. He is there to forgive and to give the gift of righteousness. (Romans 3:22) That gift comes through faith in him, as I believe in him. To be righteous means to be free from guilt.

Forgiven of my sin, freed from my guilt. I am glad to start anew with him. I am free to do better next time, as I continue in training to bear good fruit. (Matthew 7).

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