The Full, Colorful, Wild, Big, Joy-Filled Life

slip and slide
Slip and Slide | Photo: Taylor Monaco

Sometimes we fall so flat on our backs, thrown by emotion, hormones. Hurt by those we try so hard to love; disappointed by those we have such hope in. It is hard to get back up with any amount of grace.

When we can’t get up, we can seek him right where we are. We can be bold and forthright in prayer, spill out to God how you really feel. (I dare you to be honest with him.) Tell him your hopes, and where you are hurt. Guard yourself against resentment, by praying against it.

Call Jesus boldly to your side so he can be your aid and your defense. Ask for buckets of wisdom and a compass to move forward. Ask him to clear the path right before your eyes and show the foot steps you are to take forward.

Then plant your feet in steps toward the purpose you were born for. Take the first step, for in him is the fountain of life. (Psalm 36:9) The full, colorful, wild, big, joy-filled life.

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