Follow me into dignity and security

I have been reading a page-turner about insecurity this week, and walls are coming crashing down all around me, allowing me to see the truth of how ugly this issue of insecurity can be, both in my life, in those around me. It’s everywhere.

Insecurity tells us lies that our soul believes, and those lies effect everything that we do. It’s the root that impacts everything else. It pushes us to addictions, foolish behavior, all kinds of negative places. And, it convinces us of all kinds of falsities that contradict what Christ tells us about ourselves

I’m breaking free, and heading back to truth.

Lincoln Mae, my daughter. Photo | Taylor Monaco

The book offers a prayer to start a new pattern…here are some of my favorite parts.

Forgive me for turning many things into competitions. For being so fixated on what I don’t have that I leave the gifts you’ve given me undeveloped and much less effective than you intended them to be. Forgive me for thinking pitifully little of the person you’ve made me…Transform what drives me. Quell what triggers me. Make me a courageous woman in this harrowing culture. One who refuses to be reduced and defined by the media…Give me discernment to call a lie a lie. Make me the kind of woman a little girl could follow into dignity and security.

If there is one thing that I have learned as a result of this book so far, it’s that everyone suffers someway, somehow from insecurities. And, it leaves me wondering, how much time have we thrown away because of insecurity? Gatherings that could be joyful, filled with bitterness. Nights spent distracting ourselves from what’s really eating away at us, instead of facing this sickness head on. Perhaps, relationships have suffered because we haven’t claimed the confidence we have in Christ within them?

Working to fix the insecurities I have identified in my life is going to reap endless benefits, I can already see that. Even more importantly, however, I am seeing the gravity of this sickness. If I do not dig deep into this book for all that it has for me, all that Christ has for me in it, if I do not seek healing and wholeness, I will perpetuate the cycle. And I will hand it down to my daughter, Lincoln. So for her sake, break the cycle with me, Lord! Break the cycle with me. Make me the kind of woman that Lincoln can follow into dignity and security.

Lincoln, at 6 months.  Photo | Taylor Monaco

She is clothed with strength and dignity. | Proverbs 31:25
Clothe yourself with Jesus Christ | Romans 13:14

– He has crowed us with glory and dignity (Prov 31:25) We are worthy of respect.
– If we come to him with a request for strength, security, dignity. He will say yes. (1 John 5:14-15)

Lincoln Loo
Our slinky loo. Photo | Taylor Monaco

“I am no fool. Only a wise woman shifts her trust to Jesus.” — Beth Moore

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8 thoughts on “Follow me into dignity and security

  1. I’ve been thinking on this issue a lot lately. Thank you for your timely insight and wisdom.

  2. What’s the name of the book? As a mother of a girl I think about this issue all the time! Love your blog ?

  3. I loved reading this so much! Thank you for sharing <3

    • Thank you Kasia!

  4. This is wonderful and you are right we’ve got to stop comparing, we’ve got to stop being what the media wants us to be and being what the Lord wants us to be! We need to be sure to live that kind of life out loud so that our young ladies have the examples they need.

    • Aren’t we all?? Thank you, Jennifer!

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