Oaks of Glory

She woke up feeling broken. She had been told she was broken too many times, and one morning something snapped and she couldn’t shed the weight of it anymore.

She became quiet and withdrawn. She stopped trusting. She stopped trying. She carried it with her, the burden of being questioned, doubted, rejected and ultimately abandoned.

She longed to be accepted, understood, and loved wholly and unconditionally.

And it hurt. She hurt. Every second of every day when she couldn’t spend enough of her energy on distractions, the pain would find her. She couldn’t escape.

Then the truth found her.  The darkness has not overcome the lightJohn 1:4-5. Why was she living as if the darkness had won?

Because she was questioned, she also had questioned. She had questioned His love for her, His care for her, His provision. Because those that rejected her and tore her down didn’t love her well, she forgot that He does. He loves well.

She saw that God was standing by her side in the brokenness, longing to heal her, if she would simply accept his healing affection. He would build her up. He would lay a new foundation of unrestrained, undeserved, break-the-gates-open-wide kind of love for her.

She saw that this love – His perfect love – could fill the cracks where things have been shattered, stolen, beaten, and broken.

God wanted to use her that way, with old cracks that show through the surface, with new ones that have yet to be healed. In Him, she is worthy to be used even while broken, rejected, misunderstood and mislabeled.

Not every broken piece has been found and put back into place. She knows that he will finish his work of fixing, healing, and loving until complete wholeness is restored.

To she who mourns He will give: beauty where there were only ashes; pure joy in place of deep sadness; uplifting praise instead of heaviness. For God has planted her like a strong and graceful oak for His glory. | Isaiah 61:3 paraphrased.