Forward Motion

Sometimes it’s hard to keep moving forward when we don’t see results, and when we don’t see or feel God working. I often use this blog as a way to give encouragement, encouragement that I often need and can find in the word. But, I don’t ever give it lightly. It’s easy to say, “keep moving forward”! It’s much harder to hear it, soak it in, and feel good about it when forward motion is painful, humbling, and hard. The truth is, even when we don’t feel God working, or see him moving, He still is.

It’s difficult to trust that He knows what he’s doing behind the scenes. But we know that He does and that his ways are so unlike our own. So superior to our own.
So what do we do? Hang on to HIM. Not the motivational quote, not the positive friend in our life, not even our steady spouse or loyal family. HIM, and the promises for us found in his word.

He is a promise keeper. Joshua 6:2

Let’s not stop short of the victory that can be found in Jesus. Today is a new day, his mercies are new every morning. And if this we can be sure of today, He is at work in our lives. He is moving. And He is keeping His promises.

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