Is your heart guilty?

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When it comes to being used by God, there is always a balance of pride and humility talked about: we need the confidence of Christ in us, but we also need His humility. I read tonight that there are two convictions that we need: 1) we have a divine calling, and 2) we have done nothing to earn that calling. We need to accept both truths in order to have the confidence and humility required to be powerful in Christ and miraculously used by God.

This makes sense to me. If we don’t let Christ clean our conscience, wipe it until it’s fresh and new and spotless, then we might as well expect to self-destruct. We can get nowhere if we are carrying guilt. In fact, we will have a tendency to repeat the same old patterns that we despise ourselves for because somewhere deep inside of us we are still convinced that the old us is the real us. We think that our old selves can’t be shaken because that guilty conscience drowns out the truth that frees us. Until we give our guilt over to Christ to dispose of for good, the joy of every victory in Christ is stolen from us; it’s hijacked quickly by an overwhelming self-disdain.

Do you know this pattern? Have you seen it in your own life? The truth is that a guilty conscience does not guard us against falling back into old patterns, it taunts us back to them.

Let’s hand this burden to Christ once and for all so that we can walk in confidence of our divine calling knowing it’s because of Him and Him only we walk.

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