Summer Reflections

Someone told me yesterday that today, we are too busy to make time for reflection. We don’t pause, we don’t stop, we just go-go-go-go-go to our own determent. I’ve definitely seen that to be true in our life this summer; it’s been a crazy one with home buying and selling, moving, our favorite friends, grandparent visits, a little too much of the flu, a whole lot of painting, and even more unpacking, lazy days with our closest friends, another amazing Beth Moore study under the belt (Entrusted) with some wonderful ladies, a few weddings photographed by the side of some talented women I’ve really enjoyed getting to know, and not enough writing (oh, how I’ve missed you #threfreshlens)!
Our family didn’t get to the Zoo enough (unless it’s once a week, it’s never enough!) the lake enough, and we didn’t go on nearly enough walks. Things have been so busy! But, today, I’m keeping my eyes forward on all that’s to come and all that we will do – unknown and unknown – for I know He works it all for our good and I can’t wait to see what that good looks like for my family. 
This fall we’re going to be taking a lot more walks in our new neighborhood, and having a lot more family down time (especially with our new to town sister in town!) Rest and reflection are what I’m hoping for in the upcoming season. And, when I do look back I’m going to remember this summer as being sweet — overflowing with hot, lazy, days. And right now, I’m thankful that this summer is not quite done!
Will you make time to stop on reflect on this season? What are you hoping to do in the next one?
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