God is Not Shocked

I have been reading a lot lately about John the Baptist, lately, from his incredible birth story which parallels that of Christ, to his calling in life to prepare the way of the Lord. He made so many sacrifices and I’ve wondered about the questions he might have asked along the way.

I wonder, near the end of John’s life while he was imprisoned if he ever questioned any of it — the calling, the sacrifices. Did he ever doubt the one he had given his life for might not actually be the Messiah? It’s hard to imagine a mighty man like John the Baptist doubting, but after all, he was only human. And, aren’t all our hearts prone to wonder, doubt, and worry at times no matter how strong and steadfast we try to be?

If we are honest with ourselves, there is probably a time in our life that God hasn’t lived up to our expectations. Maybe he didn’t come through for us when we thought he would, and should. Did you feel guilty for thinking thoughts like, “Are you God or not? Because I thought you were, and if you really are, they why aren’t you acting like it? Why aren’t you healing this person, fixing this problem, etc.”

I read something this morning that was simple, and profoundly true. God isn’t shocked by these thoughts. He already knows them. “He reads our hearts. He knows our confusion, disappointment, and devastation” when things don’t turn out the way we think they need to.

Friends, God is not shocked by the questions in our hearts. So, don’t hesitate to share them with him. You just might be robbing yourselves of the answers.

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2 thoughts on “God is Not Shocked

  1. Love this!! David, a man after Gods heart, did too!! Lots!

    • Thanks, Susie! <3

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